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Managing or being managed an administration of business or public undertakings. People busy in this especially those handle an employee. Management person control or administer a business.

Management includes active and scheming a works single or together of people, thing for the reason of manage and balancing that group towards achieve objective.

Management frequently works to move from the considering circumstances, towards the achievement of one or more objectives or goals. A propose or intend technique of getting from one position of situation to another.

Person controls the affairs, training, etc. of a person or team in companies, corporate, sports, entertainment, etc. Specified levels of skill in household or financial affairs etc. Manageress is a position woman manager, especially of a shop, hotel, working etc.

Managing director is executive control or power. Have a higher-level position in companies. Vote for the board of directors, and the board then hires senior management. Some company employee-voting models.

Management frequently includes the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources. Management can also refer to the person. Operations research attempts to take a scientific approach to solving management problems, particularly in the areas of logistics and operations.

Planning of management set to occur in the future and make plans for action. Arrange best use of the resources required to permit the successful of plans. Leading/Motivating display skills in these areas for get others to play a successful part in achieving plans. Controls and monitoring - checking development against plans, which may require change based on advice.

Management is a general sense and common sense. It is equivalent to business administration. Managing the problems and manage it systematically. Its keeps a record and recording before the industrial revolution.

Recent growth of management is by group management. Management fads may have. In the public sector rarely politicians hire many managers and administrators. Public, private, and voluntary sectors place different demands on managers. They may tip the organization into a downward spiral of hiring, training, firing, and recruiting of the management position.

Management also has the task of innovating and of improving the functioning of organizations.

Top management expects to control everything, making all decisions, while middle and lower managers implement decisions, and production workers operate only as instructed.

Top management decides the "right" way to do something, and lower-level staffs become involved in decision-making processes.

Managers learn and improve their skills to benefit themselves. Investment in management development can have a direct economic benefit to the association. Management used formal process to develop company.

Management has an Action Learning element. Action Learning recognizes that individuals learn best from experience, so that process is structured. Action Learning sets allows individuals to try out different approaches to solving issues and problems.